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At Prometek, the customer takes center stage in the thick of the action.
It is precisely by working in close collaboration with the client that we ensure that your project is realized as per your requirements.  By staying on track and avoiding miscommunication, this partnership provides the necessary tools for delivering your projects to specification and on time.



By relying on strong partnerships with customers and suppliers, Prometek, a recognized industry expert, provides a safe working environment in which to manufacture their steel structure products for North American electrical energy T&D markets according to the industry's highest quality standards and requirements, while providing personalized, courteous, and flexible service.



To be the foremost player and leader in our industry by distinguishing ourselves through our adaptability and strategic alliances. Continue sustained growth, chiefly by relying not only upon our foundation of  expertise and sound business management, but equally upon our harmonious relationships with the industry as a whole.



  • Design
  • Engineering drawings
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly tests
  • Galvanizing
  • Packaging
  • Delivery



Our estimation process is reliable and efficient. Thanks to our estimation staff's expertise, we are in a position to offer attractive savings options that allow you to save on raw materials, labor, and transport.



Upon the award of the project, the contract is reviewed and the information gathered at the time of submission is conveyed to the project management team. This acquired knowledge is disseminated to all relevant parties to ensure compliance with project specifications.



The established communication with the client really comes together at this stage, and, working together in close collaboration, the project evolves as a natural progression from that which was agreed upon at its outset to that which is delivered—all in full compliance with the project requirements.

Key Steps

  • Teleconference at the start of the project to establish guidelines
  • Status updates on work in progress
  • Transparent communication throughout the entire process
  • Strict coordination of the delivery plan